Lieutenant (Lt.) James Austin

Faction Allies
Nationality USA
Occupation Sniper
Birthday 1909
Height 1.77 m
Weight 74 kg
Family status Married. Three Children
James Austin, commonly known as Viper, is a lieutenant and sniper from USA

 Deployment Edit

Lieutenant James Austin is a sniper, and a gifted one at that. Little else can be said about Austin, and that's perfectly fine by him, in fact, that is precisely why he joined the Forth Marines in his thirties, leaving his concerned family behind. For Austin, this is an adventure more than it is a war. It is a ultimate hunt in search of the ultimate prey, and he is prepared in search to go the extra mile to bag himself a couple of trophies.

Personal history Edit

James Austin was born in Dallas, Texas, USA into serious money made by his father and grandfather. His father Wilbur was president of Black Gold Tooling Incorporated, a Tool and Tie company that make custom parts for oil wells. James was brought up sheltered by wealth with private schools, private tennis and skeet shooting lessons. The skeet lessons eventually led to small game and then to big game hunting. For the past ten years, he has been travelling the globe in search of elusive trophies: hunting lions on African safaris, shooting polar bears in Alaska and alligators in the swamps of the Florida Everglades. After the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, Austin joined the Marines and headed off to Guadalcanal. His rank bought and paid for, he was ready to serve and be served.

Noteworthy Accomplishments Edit

Austin gave himself the nickname Viper. Since he felt the poisonous snake best represented the "lay in wait and strike once" style. It seems to have finally caught on.

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  1. Javier was called a grenadier
    in his file, but he was a technician.