Rifle 33-40

Rifle 33-40
Type Rifle
Faction Axis
Damage 27 - 34
Range 46
Capacity 5
Ammo 7.92x57 Mauser
Handling Simple
Burst RoF -
Short Burst -
Long Burst -
Snap Shot 23 AP
Aimed Shot 31 AP

The Rifle 33-40 is a Rifle in Silent Storm. It is a Weapon from the Axis. It is normally loaded with Mauser Magazines.

It is based on the Czech vz.33 Carbine and was produced under German occupation for German mountain troops.

Compared to the the usual Kar98k used by most German forces, the Gewehr 33/40 as it was called, featured a shorter barrel, relatively low weight and a steel cover over the buttplate to protect it, when used as a hiking stick or climbing tool, making it better suited for the needs of mountain troops.

The reduced weight and shorter barrel resulted however in rather strong recoil and reduced accuracy over long range.

Locations Edit

  • One is in Garis inventory.
  • Cheatcode: 12

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