MP 40-II

MP 40-II
Type Submachine gun
Faction Axis
Damage 24 - 28
Range 25
Capacity 64 rounds
Ammo .38 Parabellum
Handling Hard
Burst RoF 3
Short Burst 12 AP
Long Burst All
Snap Shot -
Aimed Shot -

The MP 40-II (Maschinenpistole 40-II) is a submachine gun in Silent Storm. As Ammunition MP40 SMG Magazines would be used.

In itself it is just a MP 40, with a second attached magazine. However a short burst needs one more AP (12 instead of 11). She based on the MP 40/I, wich also named MP 40/II. But this Weapon was just an experiment and was never in use, cause it was too complicated.

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  • In the Inventory from Fritz
  • Cheatcode: 161

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  • It is half gray and half black, so it is a mixture of the colors from the MP 40 and the MP38.

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