Leutnant (Lt.) Gunnar Zumwald

Leutnant (Lt.) Gunnar Zumwald
Faction Axis
Nationality Germany
Occupation Scout
Birthday January 9, 1917
Height 1.80 m
Weight 81 kg
Family status Single

Gunnar Zumwald, commonly known as Gunar, is a Lieutenant and scout from Germany (Third Reich). His parents names are Karol and Sophie Zumwald.

Operation Edit

He is an officer, who has climbed the career ladder in troublesome way - namely by new successes on the battlefield. Although he's rather unqualified in the intellectual and specialized disciplines, there are just a few men in the military, which can range Lt. Gunnar Zumwald the water in fire fighting. Cause of his obvious skills in the battle, the fast promotion was inevitable. Also it has earned him the respect of his comrades.

Personal history Edit

The in the german Hanover born Zumwald is the ninth from altogether eleven children. His parents, Karol and Sophie Zumwald, was both penniless. She lives in an abandoned house near the city center. It was by far not the only vacant House and his family was just one among many, that fought for the survival. Gunnar was grown fast and learn from his brothers, how to make money on the streets.

With thirteen he already does minor offences, but his brothers had turned to become lucrative criminal businesses. He then however witnessed their arrest and visited her in prison. Gunnar Zumwald knew two kinds of people: the one who wears uniform and the one that was arrested by them in uniform. In 1933 he gave a wrong information about his age and joined the uniform-wearing german military.

Considerable Edit

Lieutenant Gunnar Zumwald was captured from the britons April 15, 1940 in the counterattack on Norway. Then he was brought by ship in a prisoner of war camp in the canadian Ontario. His daring escape and the subsequent crossing of the Atlantic made him to a legend.

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