Loytant (Lt.) Arvid Pettersen

Faction Allies
Nationality Norway
Occupation Sniper
Birthday March 19, 1922
Height 1.72 m
Weight 71 kg
Family status Single
Arvid Pettersen, commonly known as Arvid, is a lieutenant and sniper from Norway.

 Deployment Edit

Very few men have the determination to face the numerous obstacles Loytnant Arvid Pettersen had to overcome in order to get into combat, and even fewer can bring his superior level of deadly accuracy to the battlefield. As an officer of camouflage and has an instinctive sense of his surroundings and the uncanny ability to quietly sneak into position.

Personal history Edit

Arvid Pettersen was born in the seaport town of Stavanger, in the Rogaland region of Norway. His father, Nils, was a shipbuilder who built fishing trawlers out of a small warehouse on the pier. In 1938, when Arvid finished high school, his father got him a job working on a whaler. A year later, the world was headed for war, and Norway declared itself neutral hoping to ride out the conflict as it had successfully done in the Great War. The German invasion on April 9, 1940 came as a surprise, and shortly thereafter Norway was an occupied nation.

Arvid managed to out to sea at the start of the 1940 whaling season, but at its end, he and the rest of crew decided to sail for England with their catch. Like many whalers, they wanted to join the British Forces and free their homeland. Pettersen ended up in Dumfries, Scotland training with the Norwegian Brigade. After 18 months without a combat assignment, he took the unusual step of demanding one from his Commander. His braveness and his skill as a sniper made him perfect for the British Army Commandos.

Noteworthy Accomplishments Edit

While in Scotland, Pettersen spent his free time hanging out in the coastal bays of the North Channel waiting for German U-boats to surface. He rarely got lucky, and at that distance his rifle could do little damage, but he figured the echoing ping of the bullet would at least tick them off.

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  1. Javier was called a grenadier
    in his file, but he was a technician.